3D Animation
3D Animation Draws Upon the Most Powerful
Influence in the University
How many more sales do you think you could make through your web site if your customers could experience your products or services? Being able to see and experience a product significantly increases sales, even if that experience is only virtual.

Draw upon the power of the human brain ­ the mind – and its extraordinary ability to create its own reality by presenting your business with high-quality, entertaining, informative and interactive presentations using 3D Animation, and discover the difference it can make.

Bluebird HUB are able to work with you to bring your vision to life using the most up­to­date technological enhancements and developments, because we have the vital ability to listen and interpret our client's business needs and marketing concepts using 3D graphics, floor plans, modeling and walkthrough animations. What you can perceive, we can create.

Our Flash Intro Expertise Includes:

The most beautiful aspect to 3D Modeling is the ability to 'feel the curves' ­ to live in the concept or virtually experience the product. 3D Modeling is the perfect platform for demonstrating and promoting games and related projects and has been used in reconstruction accidents and a range of 'real-life' scenarios.

Walkthrough Animation

Explaining your ideas, how they will appear from different angles, is an art form that connects beautifully with your customers and to the visitors to your site, and is achieved with stunning success using 3D Walkthrough Animation.

This medium is ideal for interior designers, construction engineers and architects, giving the right depth of virtual reality to accurately demonstrate and impart your vision to your clients.

The Bluebird HUB 3D animation team works with small to large companies on complex projects to capture their unique vision and project within precise specifications, deadlines and budgets.

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