Broadcast Animation
Capture Attention and Dazzle Your Customers with
High-Definition Broadcast Animations
That's one of the keys to the success that YouTube enjoys ­ people love watching quick-snip videos. Even better, the more imaginative the animation the more it is shared with countless thousands around the globe.

By tapping into this fascination you can get your product or service across in a whole new exciting way and potentially grab the attention of a host of potential new customers.

Drawing upon state­of­the­art technologies such as ray tracing, and through highly computerized techniques such as merging 3D animation with actual video footage, a whole new advertising and promotion world is open to you.

Bluebird HUB are skilled in creating broadcast resolution animations which can bring to life your products or even branding tools such as your logo and will incorporate your animation with real life video, scaled in such a way that it is compatible with advertising broadcast media and working within the quality standards of broadcast animation.

If you have a plan, a product or a vision you want to bring to life, Bluebird HUB will help you, using the magic of 3D animation, to demonstrate everything from concepts and inventions to potential investors, to products to customers, with stunning results. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

We are flexible in the size of projects we can handle, from one day turnaround to crewing up for a full TV series, so why not call us today on +65 6484 3350 or chat to one of our friendly expert team via our Live Help link to find out more about this electrifying virtual medium.