Dynamic Website Design
A Fast Loading, Interactive Dynamic Website Increases
Efficiency, Puts You in Control and Saves You Money
A Dynamic Website is ideal for e-commerce businesses and for anyone who needs to frequently add new services, information or products or to otherwise expand or update their site.

By creating the web page layout and the web page content separately, you will benefit from:

  • The freedom to make frequent updates and changes to graphics, text and forms
  • The ability to edit and delete obsolete areas or pages on your web site, reducing external technical support
  • User-friendly format to make updating your own web site quick and easy – even if you only have limited web design knowledge – thereby saving you both time and money
  • Faster page loading as information is retrieved only at need

To be blunt, you must get the groundwork technology spot on, or you can have a disaster on your hands, therefore partnering with a company you can trust is paramount.

Bluebird HUB work closely with you, and if applicable your product and marketing teams, to design one or multiple websites that grow and expand with you and which offer you the ability to quickly and easily implement changes and updates.

The advantages of a Dynamic Website are manifold such as report generation and monitoring product sales and enabling you to make more informed decisions on marketing, promotions and advertising, and other critical business growth factors.

Plus, inbuilt smart-logic can include automatic implementation of:

  • Pre-defined values governing product sales, such as smart-logic decision making to effect real-time product discounts
  • Automatic, real-time responses to resolve malfunctions
  • Website statistic monitoring that generates automatic alerts if, for example, product quantities drop below pre-defined levels
Without Multi-Level Security Your Web Site Is at Risk
Scarcely a day goes by that you don't hear about another Internet scam or security breach. Absolute Internet security is important on all websites no matter the size or industry, and absolutely critical for e-commerce web sites.To ensure you are fully protected, Bluebird HUB include the following safety and privacy precautions:
  • Authentication through real time username and passwords | registered mobile devices
  • Broad multi-stage, multi-level portal security access
  • Automated portal functions
  • Web portal functionality alerts
  • Inception/dongle based security option
  • Test/diagnostic processors

Smart Dynamic Website technology is affordable for any business, and we can show you how. For more information on how Bluebird HUB can tailor a dynamic site perfect for your unique needs, contact our expert team on +65 6484 3350 or via our Live Help line. We'll be happy to help.