Website Design
What Does Your Web Site Design Tell Customers About You?
What Would You Like it to Say?
Sometimes the gap between the message you would like to send to customers – the first impression you would like to make – and the actual customer experience can be a gap so wide it's impossible to bridge, and you may not even realize it.

Think of your web site as your 'Director of First Impressions', your reception area and your show or consultation room. Would you expect customers to walk in off the street to be greeted by a vague, unhelpful receptionist, a lack luster reception area that clearly needed a fresh coat of paint and a showroom or consultation room that was cluttered, confusing and in disarray?

No, you wouldn't because it is bricks and mortar and you are face to face with your customers and can see first hand the look on their faces that speaks of disappointment and doubt about the quality of your product or service. You can experience first hand their sense of frustration at not being able to find what they need, and witness first hand as they turn and walk out the door never to return.

With your web site, because you are not there to witness your customers' reaction, it is often easy to forget that your web site is the critical first impression that thousands of potential customers will have of your business – therefore your web site needs to create a stunning first impression that generates interest, confidence and results.

Here's How Bluebird HUB Will Help You Create that Professional Impact?
  • First step is our consultation process. This involves our asking questions, listening to you, offering suggestions, listening to you again and jointly deciding on the best strategy for your unique needs.
  • Next we provide you with a quote based on our discussions and final project direction, and keeping your budget requirements in mind.
  • After your acceptance of our quote we get to work to create a visitor-friendly, fast loading, fresh and eye-catching design consistent with your branding and your needs.
What Your Web Site Design Will Include
Depending on your particular needs, your web site will include:
  • Streamlined content management system enabling you to easily edit your own website
  • Basic search engine optimization to assist in boosting your rankings
  • Professional stock photography as needed in the design to help in establishing your web site's theme
  • Site map to quickly and efficiently guide visitors to finding all the relevant information they are looking for
  • User and search engine friendly navigation menu
  • Email/information request forms to allow visitor feedback and enquiries
Plus your interactive web site design project will include:
  • In progress viewing during design and development
  • Upload to your website host when going live
  • Manual submission to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Free minor changes for two weeks following the launch of your new site
  • Ongoing support for questions and issues
Plus your interactive web site design project will include:
Sometimes all the basics are there and we'll honestly let you know if we don't need to start from scratch – which could save you a bundle.

By conducting a site usability analysis, which reveals the 'behaviour' of visitors to your site, we may be able to implement strategies and design changes that boost your web site's appearance, performance and overall results.

Online marketing is a critical business tool and developing the most effective web site for your business is vital to your ongoing growth. Choosing the right partner in the process is also vital to the success of your web site, so we are more than happy to discuss your project with you and answer any of your questions or concerns – no pressure – no obligation – just insightful two way discussion to get you going down the right track.

At Bluebird HUB we understand the importance of first impressions and we know how to create web site designs that deliver a totally professional yet reassuring impact with high browser appeal that encourages relationship building and solid conversion rates.