Mobile Web Development
Are You Tapping Into This Emerging Market with the Potential of 4 Billion Browsers Worldwide?
Now, on the crest of the wave, is the perfect time to create a major, branded presence with clever, innovative mobile and iPhone website design and development.

Expecting current or potential customers to work in with your existing web site format and technology could severely limit your business growth potential. Meeting customers where they browse and shop – which is increasingly via their mobiles – will ensure you are ahead of your competitors and will maximize your exposure and potential for long-term success.

With approximately 4 billion mobile users worldwide – and growing daily – this is one technology you need to adopt, but first you need to know the ground rules for success – or even better – you need to partner with a team of experts in mobile website technology.

Consumers are starting to realize the true potential of their mobile devices
Few people leave home without their mobile phone. This means your mobile web site is an ideal way for customers to find out more about, compare and purchase products, book tickets and more – and for you to announce special promotions, new advances and blog-style updates, provide walk-in store locations and contact details.

While screen displays have increased substantially in size and clarity, mobile web sites are not merely micro-mini versions of your existing web site – or they shouldn't be. Due to screen size, plus the viewing habits of mobile users, mobile web site development comes with its own set of design criteria for maximum effect and usability.

Not Only Are Our iPhone and Mobile Web Designs Stunning − They Work
Have you ever visited a web site that looked great when you opened it only to experience the sheer frustration of not being able to find what you need, waiting for slow loading pages, and then being bogged down by confusing text that told you nothing but hype? And how quickly did you hurry back to experience that site again? Chances are you never went back!

At Bluebird HUB we create simply stunning, touch-optimized, mobile websites and platforms, with designs dedicated for optimal display on mobiles, Blackberry and iPhones, taking into account varying screen sizes from narrow to wide-screen mobiles and iPads.

Our sites are designed with enhanced browser speed and capability, high-speed data connections, App-Store functionality, and quick scan appeal catering to the 'see immediately what they want or they're gone' browsing habits of many mobile phone users. And naturally all our sites adhere to W3C standards and specifications.

Already have a mobile web site but worried it's not performing to its maximum potential?
Sometimes it's not necessary to start from scratch, which can save you a lot of money. If you have solid web site basics in place, we can work from that point to optimize your site for mobiles and iPhones, to experience greater functionality, visibility, and results.

All our mobile application development and iPhone application development takes into account the intricacies of your business, your professional branding and sales and marketing strategies, and the browsing and purchasing habits of your target customers.

For micro web sites with macro appeal and outstanding results, contact Bluebird HUB today on
+65 6484 3350, or via our Live Help. link, to discuss your business specific needs. We guarantee your site will create instant professional impact and an experience that will ensure your target customers are only too delighted to return again and again.