Website Maintenance
Just Like Your Car,
Website Maintenance is Essential to Optimal Website Performance
How long do you think a potential client would stay if they clicked on links that didn't work, if pages loaded too slowly, or if the information was clearly outdated? You could count it in seconds!

You need to schedule regular web site maintenance to take care of issues such as repairing broken scripts, checking and updating your links, updating your email database, enhancing your sites SEO, adding new pages and/or content, maintaining yours site's security and more.

Whether you have designed the site yourself or if it is professional designed site, maintenance should be conducted regularly and, unless there are critical issues, be carried out in a method fully compatible with the sites current theme and technology, ensuring all updates are SEO friendly.

We Look at the Broader Web Site Maintenance Picture
In working on your web sites maintenance, Bluebird HUB keep in mind the broader picture including:
  • What new technologies have emerged since your site was initially designed or last maintained
  • What initiatives could you implement that would enhance your visitor experience
  • Is your web site security up to date and effective enough for your needs

Any aspects of importance will be drawn to your attention as a matter of courtesy and our dedicated team will be happy to offer obligation-free advice and guidance or a low-cost quote to upgrade or maximize your site.

At Bluebird HUB we off Website Upgrade and Maintenance in:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website development and updates
  • Flash design and flash animation
  • Digital graphics design
  • Website development and updates
  • HTML coding
  • PHP Programming
  • ASP.NET, JSP Programming
  • Content Updates
  • Customized Scripts
  • MySQL database development
Don't Leave Website Maintenance until You Have an Issue
Imagine your loss of income and the level of frustration for both your staff and your customers if your website went down through lack of basic maintenance. Imagine too, how would that impact on your professional standing?

A reliable web site presence is critical to your business success so never be caught out when a simple website maintenance check can keep you online. Phone us today on +65 6484 3350 or contact us via our
Live Help. It could be one of your best business decisions this year.